lawyer-61The top criminal law firm in and personal injury consulting in Dallas, Texas ensures excellent and experienced legal representation for every case in every jurisdiction.

Our firm was created with the sole purpose of providing excellent legal representation to all those who need it. Over the years, we have provided representation to people from all walks of life facing all sorts of charges and injustice. Founded in 1973 by three of the best young lawyers in the state, our firm has upheld high standards of legal representation. From a small one-room office on the outskirts of Dallas to a large and busy law firm in the heart of the city, we have grown steadily and made a name for ourselves as one of the best firms in the country. 

Our firm has been awarded and recognized for our skilled and superior service to the people of Dallas. Our attorneys have years of experience under their belt and hold themselves to the highest standards of excellence and ethical conduct. We are continually growing our practice and pursuing our vision of providing only the best legal representation for our clients.

We have successfully worked on numerous high-profile cases and obtained favorable verdicts and resolutions for many of our clients. Clients can expect to benefit greatly from our legal expertise and highly professional conduct. When your case has high stakes, we work hard to make sure that you walk away with the most favorable results possible.criminal-law-bending-bars

Our roster of attorneys have had illustrious careers and are aided by young, up-and-coming, new lawyers hungry to make a name
for themselves. Each lawyer in our firm has a particular field of expertise to ensure that our clients will have the best representation we can provide.

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